What’s So Special About Beat Saber?

March 12, 2019

Greetings, virtual padawans – bearded beat master Sean here with another ode to VR goodness. This time out I’m going to be talking about rhythm game Beat Saber, one of the latest and greatest sensations to have swept the VR nation. Now, you might have gotten a chance to try this one out already, in […]

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Smashbox VR: Why I enjoy this tactical game

November 16, 2018

      Contributed by: Sean Fenlon       Hey there, e-sports fans – friendly neighbourhood VR Guide Sean here, with a few words about why I’m such a big fan of Smashbox: Arena. If you follow The VR Hut on Facebook, you may already have had a taste of what gets me going […]

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VR: The New Reality | The Kingston Whig Standard visited The VR Hut!

April 25, 2018

A big thank you to Jonathan Ludlow for coming by to check out The VR Hut. We’re honoured to be featured in the Kingston Whig Standard. It’s been such a great journey so far, thanks to everyone for your ongoing support! “Kingston is experiencing a new reality. You just need a special headset to see […]

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The VR Hut – Kingston’s First VR Experience Centre

April 2, 2018

Kingston’s First VR Experience Centre Welcome to The VR Hut, Kingston’s first VR experience centre and your Portal To Adventure! If you’re new to VR (Virtual Reality) or are simply interested in learning a bit more about us then this is a great place to start! We’ve outlined everything you need to know, from things […]

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NEW Experience Alert!!

October 14, 2017

What’s New at The VR Hut? We have been open for just over two months now. Your enthusiasm for our experience library has been outstanding. So, to keep it fresh, we are adding in three more titles. There is a bit of something for everyone with these three titles so I hope you get a […]

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Our new visitor for Halloween!

September 29, 2017

ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH? The VR Hut has a new visitor.  Her name is Emily and she wants you to play with her and her friends.  Here’s the catch… You may not like how they play! Emily Wants To Play is the newest addition to our Experience Library and we would love for you to […]

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