VR: The New Reality | The Kingston Whig Standard visited The VR Hut!

A big thank you to Jonathan Ludlow for coming by to check out The VR Hut. We’re honoured to be featured in the Kingston Whig Standard. It’s been such a great journey so far, thanks to everyone for your ongoing support!

“Kingston is experiencing a new reality. You just need a special headset to see it.

Opened in August 2017, The VR Hut gives people the chance to experience a world they might never have imagined. The world of virtual reality.

Capturing imaginations as early as in the movies The Matrix or Tron, the thought of being able to enter a virtual or alternate reality has long been a dream of many. Thanks to Darren Bishop, you can get one step closer.

Moving to the area five years ago, Bishop’s life in Kingston began with housekeeping and physical plant services at Queen’s. Coming from owning his own wedding videography business, Bishop knew he wanted something more.

“I knew I wanted to do something other than just working at a job,” Bishop said. “In Brampton/Mississauga I did have my own business there … and I really enjoyed working for myself and having my own business.”

It was during his time at Queen’s that Bishop began hearing about the progress being made in virtual reality technology. Being familiar with the concept and hearing that companies, such as Oculus and HTC, were coming out with consumer versions of their equipment, Bishop knew he had to try it.”


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